Frequently Asked Questions

Based in Lynnwood WA, we have specialized in artisan solid perfume and caffeine soap since 2009. Featuring designs from over 40 independent artists, each bar of soap comes with a collectible vinyl sticker. Our soap is made with a very mild vegetable glycerin base, and is sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) free. Both our soap and perfume use vegan ingredients, and are cruelty free.

When do you ship orders out? We ship at least once a week, but sometimes conventions or other life things happen and it takes up to 2 weeks. Typical processing on an order is between 5-8 days

Can I buy some of your products to resell? Yes, reselling is cool! We can't make it to every event, so it's a great way to get a little more coverage out there. Which leads to the next question...

Do you offer wholesale pricing? Yes, on both our soaps and our perfumes. Price breaks start on orders of 48 units, please email us and we'll chat. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all of the latest news!

How much caffeine is in a bar of soap? One of our bars should have enough caffeine in it to provide about a cup of strong coffee in every shower. Your individual body chemistry, along with the way you shower (do you use a washcloth? do you use a scrubby pouf? do you just rub the soap directly on your skin? how long are you leaving the lather in contact with your skin?) contributes to how much caffeine you will absorb. For best results, and to keep your bar lasting the longest, we recommend rubbing the soap onto a scrubby pouf/loofah first, then using the pouf/loofah to wash yourself. It builds the best lather, and so gets the most soap in contact with your skin, allowing you to get the most out of every shower. And it just feels good!

My soap isn't as shiny as the ones in the pictures! It looks like it's got frosty white stuff all over it, what gives? That's actually crystallized caffeine. From the minute the soap cools in the molds, the caffeine begins to crystallize. Because of the nature of glycerin soaps, humidity also causes the soap to "sweat," which is where the glycerin (which is a humectant) draws moisture out of the air. It can cause little dewdrops to appear on the soap, which can further feed the growth of the caffeine crystals - in intensely humid environments, we've seen some pretty impressive structures! The "frost" will rinse off harmlessly with your next shower.

What's the deal with shipping cost? This one's our Achilles heel. Because we are a very small company based in a residence, we don't qualify for business shipping through FedEx or UPS. Our only option at this point is USPS, taking advantage of their flat rate Priority Mail for smaller orders, or going by weight on larger orders, or even the larger flat rate if the order's heavy enough to warrant it. It is your responsibility as a buyer to know your country's laws regarding importing and ingredients. If you think you have a better solution for shipping, please email us with your idea!